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Are Golf Carts Actually Dangerous?


Few people consider golf carts “dangerous” like they would a fast sports car or motorcycle. They move much slower than other types of motor vehicles and don’t necessarily corner like they’re on rails. They’re often thought of as being used for leisurely activities, like riding around a retirement community or a lazy afternoon at the golf course.

However, it’s this very misconception that golf carts aren’t dangerous that lead to many of the thousands of golf cart accidents every year. With so many accidents happening, people are wondering — are golf carts actually dangerous?

No Federal Safety Regulations on Golf Carts

Unlike almost all other motor vehicles, including cars, trucks and motorcycles, there are federal regulations in place that require them to be made a certain way with certain safety features. For example, all motor vehicles are federally required to have seat belts and air bags, among other things. Golf carts don’t make this list though, and the regulations for them are at the state level and aren’t well enforced.

Many people make the mistake of believing that something as widely available and frequently used as a golf cart has been inspected and approved as safe by third party regulators. Unfortunately, this isn’t how it works. Golf carts are often sold without many features that would make them safer vehicles.

An Open Design

With all motor vehicle accidents, including golf carts, a rollover increases the chance of serious injury and death. Like a motorcycle, a golf cart is a largely open design. Since the cart isn’t designed to go very fast, manufacturers didn’t see the need to enclose the seats in a frame like a car or truck.

However, this open design can cause passengers to be thrown from the cart in an accident, especially if the golf cart rolls over. Many people have been pinned underneath their golf cart because they fell or were thrown partially out of the cart as it rolled.

When to Contact an Experienced Golf Cart Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in a golf cart accident, it’s important that you work with an attorney who has specific experience in this field. While any personal injury attorney can represent you, the amount of your settlement will depend on the evidence you bring to the table. A lawyer well-versed in the nature of golf cart accidents and how they’re different from other types of collisions can be a great asset to you in this regard.

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