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Florida Golf Cart Accident Attorney / Florida Golf Cart Manufacturer Defect Attorney

Florida Golf Cart Manufacturer Defect Attorney

Golf carts might appear to be fairly safe vehicles to ride in so long as they are operated carefully. This is true for the most part, but one big exception involves defective golf carts. Defects in design, manufacture, or marketing can render golf carts dangerously unsafe, leading to serious accidents, including those causing catastrophic injuries and even death. Even a skilled and careful golf cart driver can’t prevent an accident when the golf cart itself is defective. When Golf cart manufacturers put defective golf carts on the market, they can be held strictly liable to consumers for any injuries and damage caused by their defective vehicle.

When golf cart accidents happen in Florida, GolfCartAttorney is the law firm to turn to. The golf cart attorney at The Law Offices of Frank D. Butler practices extensively in the area of golf cart accidents and knows how to hold responsible parties accountable for the injuries they caused, including manufacturers of defective golf carts. We’ll work to recover all costs and legal damages owed to you, including compensation for your medical bills, property damage, loss of income, pain and suffering, and more. Call our experienced Florida golf cart manufacturer defect attorney today.

Types of Golf Cart Manufacturer Defects

A defective golf cart can fail in sudden, catastrophic ways and lead to serious or fatal injury. Some of the leading ways golf cart defects can result in accidents and injuries include:

  • Rollover or tip-over because of faulty design in the frame, tire size, center of gravity, and other design defects
  • Crash into another cart, a fixed object, or a pedestrian due to brake failure
  • Loss of control or tip-over because of defective tire failure
  • Sidebars too short to prevent ejection
  • Loss of control due to broken accelerator pedal springs
  • Sudden loss of power leading to a crash or ejection
  • Battery explosion causing fires, burn injuries and concussive shock

In the area of product liability law, many different legal theories may be used to hold a manufacturer liable for injuries caused by a defective product, including breach of warranty, negligence, and strict products liability. Depending on the legal theory used, it is not always necessary to prove the manufacturer acted negligently; it is often enough to prove the product was defective when it left the factory, and this defect was the cause of the accident and resulting injury. The Golf Cart Attorney Frank D. Butler is a seasoned personal injury lawyer with a strong working knowledge of all the ways golf carts can fail, and he knows the best way to hold the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer liable for the injuries that ensued.

Product defects are usually classified in one of three different ways – as design defects, manufacturing defects, or failure to warn/marketing defects. Golf carts can suffer dangerous defects in any of these areas.

Design Defects

Defects in design can include constructing golf carts with the wrong tire size, a high center of gravity, or other design flaws that can make them unstable. Golf carts designed without seatbelts or adequate sidebars might also be dangerously unsafe.

Manufacturing Defects

Even if a golf cart is designed correctly, flaws in the manufacturing or assembly process can create one or more defective carts. Manufacturing defects can include failing to bolt pieces together securely, miswiring the electrical system, putting the wrong tires on the golf cart, using substandard materials that fail or crush too easily, and failing to properly connect drive train components.

Failure to Warn

Golf cart operators can be as young as 14, and passengers could be of any age. Even older, experienced and licensed motor vehicle drivers might be driving a golf cart for the very first time. It is essential for manufacturers to place clear and obvious directions, instructions and safety warnings on the golf cart itself as well as any accompanying product literature. Failure to warn of non-obvious hazards can result in serious injury to golf cart occupants and liability for golf cart manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and rental companies.

Contact the Golf Cart Attorney Today

Golf cart manufacturers like Club Car and Yamaha are billion-dollar corporations that use their muscle to push injured consumers around, forcing them to take a lowball settlement to avoid the threat of litigation against a well-heeled opponent. GolfCartAttorney pushes back. We’ll fight to get you the compensation you need and deserve while forcing manufacturers to accept responsibility and make their golf carts reasonably safe. Call our Florida golf cart manufacturer defect lawyer at The Law Offices of Frank D. Butler, P.A. for a free consultation to discuss what happened to you and talk about how we can help.

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