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Frank D. Butler

Licensed In Every Florida Court

Frank D. Butler was born in Florida and is an attorney for the past 25 years. He is licensed to appear and practice in every Court in Florida, including all of the state and federal courts.

Frank is also an avid outdoor enthusiast and represents people injured in golf cart accidents. He has never worked for an insurance company. You should be careful to hire an attorney who knows the unique law and issues that are specific to golf carts.

We Work Only for People. Not Insurers. Not Companies.

What I promise to you is that we will work hard on your case every day. We are not afraid of hard work to make the best outcome on your case. When I was working to graduate from college I was also working two jobs. I also worked while attending Stetson College of Law. No, I am not afraid of hard work.

  • Court Admissions
  • Federal Court Middle District of Florida
  • Federal Court Southern District of Florida
  • Federal Court Northern District of Florida
  • Federal 5th Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Federal 11th Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Every State court in the State of Florida

Frank represents only people, and has never represented an insurance company at any time for anything. Beware of attorneys who once had no problem at all working for the insurance companies against you.

Frank has fought for people against insurance companies since the day he was sworn in to practice. The success of the law firm has been that our attorneys and our staff actually care about the outcome for the client. File numbers are not assigned to the clients in this law firm. We know you and your case by name.

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We operate with the understanding that our clients are not numbers. We operate with the understanding that success for our clients is a success for us. You will never have to wonder if we are working hard for you.

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