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Florida Officials Warn of Golf Cart Crash “Epidemic”


While golf cart accident lawyers in Florida may be well aware of the situation, average residents were shocked to learn just how serious the golf cart crash “epidemic” has become. State officials recently warned the public that golf cart safety had reached an all-time low, specifically highlighting issues like drunk driving, explosions, and fires. Are golf cart accidents really so common in Florida? What can you do if you become injured in one of these crashes?

Golf-Cart-Friendly Communities Witnessing Onslaught of Golf Cart Accidents 

Florida public safety officials have released a damning report that details a number of shocking golf cart accidents. These include not only crashes, but also fires and even explosions. The New York Post apparently reached out to emergency workers in The Villages, who assured reporters that the issues were not overblown. These emergency workers described crashes caused by drunk individuals, unruly children, and exploding lithium-ion batteries.

Many families in golf-cart-friendly communities leave their golf carts to charge in their garages – only to awake to the smell of burning batteries. Various individuals – including children – have suffered serious burns as a result of these fires. In other situations, golf carts have burst into flames in public – often in crowded areas.

This comes at a time when golf cart sales are soaring. Serious questions over manufacturing defects are now arising. Are companies cutting corners to meet the ever-increasing demand for new golf carts in Florida? Are these manufacturers testing their products for fire safety before sending them out? These are just a few issues that must be resolved going forward.

Of course, many of these accidents are caused by negligent golf cart operators. Officials in The Villages say that many residents don’t even bother to buckle up before zooming down the road in their golf carts. Some get behind the wheel while intoxicated, while others seem content to let their children drive without supervision. These officials urge residents to remember that a golf cart offers almost nothing in the way of protection – making catastrophic injuries likely even in low-speed collisions.

Should Communities Do More to Ensure Golf Cart Safety? 

So where does the fault lie? Are golf cart manufacturers to blame? Should residents drive their golf carts in a more responsible manner? Or should The Villages and other golf-cart communities “step up to the plate” and enforce better safety protocols? Whatever the case may be, it seems clear that a serious portion of these accidents are caused by some form of negligence.

Find a Golf Cart Accident Lawyer in the Villages 

If you have been searching for a Florida golf cart accident lawyer, look no further than Frank D. Butler, Attorney at Law. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured plaintiffs throughout the state – including those who have suffered tremendous harm due to golf cart crashes. To discuss the best way to cover your medical expenses, missed wages, and emotional distress, consider booking a consultation today.


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