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Golf Cart Attorney News: 13 Golf Cart Deaths in the Villages


As a golf cart attorney, the numbers of a recent report from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office are distressing. For the record, The Villages had thirteen golf cart fatalities in that previous seven-year period. Thirteen! We know that since June of 2015, the population of The Villages has continued to grow upward, which places more vehicles on the road and more golf carts on the roads and pathways.

Factors in Golf Cart Accidents

The Sumter Sheriff’s Office noted that on many of these golf cart deaths, the seatbelts on the carts were not used. Many manufacturers do not install seatbelts as standard equipment. Still, even when seatbelts are included, many drivers and passengers do not use them.

The Sumter Sheriff’s Office also noted two other important aspects of golf cart crashes and injuries in The Villages. One, speed is a major factor involved in many crashes. Second, rollovers are a concern and cause of golf cart injuries. However, a bigger problem than rollovers, statistically speaking, is that, in crashes where no seatbelts are in use, driver and passenger ejections are common. This can and does result in serious head injuries.

We should also recognize that this does include cases where the outcome of the crash was something other than death. Presently, the population of The Villages is said to be over 110,000. 110,000 people translates to a lot of golf carts, a lot of vehicles on the roads, and a great need for a golf cart attorney.

A Golf Cart Attorney Can Help

We have spoken elsewhere on our golf cart attorney site about the importance of you having full insurance coverage for you and your vehicle. If the person who hits you with their vehicle causes injury to you—but they have no insurance—you need to have good insurance for yourself. Don’t count on the other person to have insurance for your injuries. The State of Florida has recently estimated that 25% of the drivers in Florida have no liability insurance. And, of those carrying liability insurance, many carry the minimal $10,000 in coverage. $10,000 may sound like quite a bit of money, but not if the crash victim has to spend a day or two in the hospital.

If you are in a crash in The Villages, you know who to call — your golf cart attorney. We will come to you. There is no charge to you unless we make a recovery for you. Set up a consultation today or call (352) 633-6900.

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