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Golf Cart Drivers Aren’t Always Crash Victims in the Villages


While many golf cart drivers face legitimate dangers from negligent motorists in the Villages, golf cart drivers are also perfectly capable of causing their own dangers. In fact, numerous recent accidents show that golf cart drivers pose risks to each other, cyclists, pedestrians, and a range of other people. These risks are perhaps heightened by high intoxication rates among golf cart drivers – and the recreational nature of the vehicles themselves. If you have been harmed by a golf cart driver, you may be wondering who will pay for your medical bills, missed wages, and emotional distress.

Cyclist Struck and Killed by Golf Cart Driver in the Villages 

On December 30th of 2023, it was reported that a cyclist had been struck and killed by a golf cart operator in the Villages. The 80-year-old was cycling to a bike club event in Sumter Landing at about 8:30 AM when a 69-year-old woman in a golf cart approached on the Hillsborough Trail. Upon reaching an intersection, the golf cart driver attempted a left-hand turn. According to the accident report, the “glare of the morning sun” prevented her from seeing the approaching cyclist.

This caused her to turn into the path of the cyclist, ejecting him onto the roadway. The senior suffered serious injuries as a result of the accident, and although he was transported to a nearby hospital, he ultimately passed away. Very little additional information was released about this accident – save for a brief obituary of the cyclist. One has to wonder whether “glare from the sun” will stand up to scrutiny in court as a legitimate excuse – and whether this golf cart driver will face either criminal or civil consequences for the accident.

Two Golf Carts Collide in the Villages 

On January 3rd of 2024, it was reported that two golf carts had collided in the Villages. The pair were driving near Canal Street when one golf cart driver attempted a left-hand turn onto Odell Circle. This turn brought the driver into the path of a second golf carter who was attempting to head straight through the intersection. Police later confirmed that the driver who attempted to turn was the one who caused the collision, and that they ticketed him for the offense. It is not clear whether the accident led to serious injuries.

This incident shows that golf cart drivers not only pose a risk to pedestrians and cyclists, but also each other. Many communities in Florida envision a future where the streets are filled with golf carts. But those who believe that these low-speed vehicles are inherently safer than passenger vehicles should take note of crashes like this. In fact, golf carts are arguably less safe than passenger vehicles due to their lack of protection and safety features – even when traveling at low speeds.

Find a Qualified Golf Cart Accident Lawyer in the Villages 

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