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Should You Report a Golf Cart Fender Bender?


A golf cart fender bender might not seem like a big deal. You were going pretty slow and nobody seems to be seriously injured at first glance. It may be tempting to walk away from the accident without a second thought. But should you? Perhaps not. Think twice before agreeing not to file an insurance claim after a seemingly minor golf cart collision.

Golf Cart Damage

Even golf cart accidents that happen at slow speeds can damage your cart. You may not notice it at first, but a collision can do anything from scrape the paint from your bumper to cause problems internally that make it difficult or even impossible to continue driving. If someone else was at fault for the golf cart accident, you shouldn’t be responsible for funding those repairs on your own. Making a claim against the other party’s insurance company can help you get compensation for the damages they caused, allowing you to have your cart repaired or in some cases, replaced.

Whiplash Concerns

Everyone may step out of your golf cart looking just fine after the accident, but some injuries are slow to develop. One particularly common injury associated with golf cart accidents is whiplash. Even at slower speeds, the head can still whip back and forth, extending the tendons and vertebrae in the neck far beyond their natural capabilities. You may notice that you start to have neck stiffness or pain a couple of days after the accident, or you may start to get headaches that originate from the base of your skull. You should visit a doctor to confirm the diagnosis as soon as possible.

When someone else’s negligence caused or contributed to the accident, you shouldn’t be responsible for your own medical bills and treatment. Don’t agree to avoid reporting the incident to your insurance company or even to an attorney — you may find out later that you do have an injury like whiplash and need extensive medical treatment, physical therapy, and medication to get back to normal. If you agree to not file a claim, you waive your right to pursue compensation for your medical expenses.

When to Contact a Golf Cart Collision Attorney

Any time you are in a collision in your golf cart, you should reach out to an attorney for a consultation. Consultations are at no cost, so you can find out where you stand and what your next best move should be. Contact Frank D. Butler, PA today for more information by calling (800) 253-2531.

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