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Fort Myers May Allow Golf Carts on Public Roads in 2024


Fort Myers is facing an important decision in 2024 – one that many other cities throughout Florida are considering: Should golf carts be allowed on public roads? Golf cart advocates point out that this is a sustainable, convenient, and low-speed transport method that average Americans love. Critics of this plan point to several safety concerns, and one of the most vocal critics in Fort Myers is the local police chief.

Police Chief Warns Fort Myers Not to Allow Golf Carts on Public Roads 

Police Chief Jason Fields is warning Fort Myers City Council to rethink its plan to allow golf carts on public roads. This comes as council approaches the final decision of whether to allow golf carts to zoom alongside normal passenger vehicles on selected streets throughout the city.

Fields bases his warning on a series of trials conducted throughout the city. This “dry run” raised a number of concerns. Within the space of just two weeks, police carried out almost 20 traffic stops. Of these stops, almost half involved drivers who were too young to be operating golf carts without supervision. These drivers were taken home by police officers, and it is not clear whether the parents experienced any consequences.

Golf Cart Advocates in Fort Myers See This Transition as Inevitable 

Despite warnings from local authorities, many golf cart advocates see the transition toward “micro-mobility” as inevitable. After all, the United States is a democratic nation. If the people want to drive golf carts on public roads, then their governmental representatives must respect these wishes. What the people say, goes.

City Council members in Fort Myers echo these thoughts, pointing out that golf carts are “not going away” anytime soon. The truth is that golf carts have already arrived en masse in Fort Myers. It’s too late to prevent these vehicles from taking to the streets. The real question now is how city planners are going to adapt to these inevitable changes – and create the proper safety systems to protect golf cart operators. One city council member noted that he sees “25 to 30” golf carts during a typical ride home from work each day. Many of these drivers, he notes, are pre-teen kids. His argument is clear: Golf cart drivers deserve protection from city planners – whether council wants golf carts on the roads or not.

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