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Lady Lake Sees Greater Golf Cart Access: But What About Safety?


Like countless communities throughout Florida, Lady Lake is making the move toward greater golf cart access for its residents. The people have spoken, and they want to have more freedom to use their golf carts in place of normal passenger vehicles. But is this really the right move for the community? What kinds of safety issues might this present in the future – and are we already seeing these issues manifest?

Lady Lake Has Been Pushing for Greater Golf Cart Access 

For years, Lady Lake has been pushing for greater access for residents who want to use golf carts rather than traditional passenger vehicles. In November of 2022, residents pointed out that the community was somewhat disconnected over a wide area – making it difficult for them to attend events such as farmers’ markets, cheese festivals, art shows, and so on. While some believed that moving toward golf cart transport was an excellent idea, others – including local commissioners – expressed doubts. One resident plainly stated: “If somebody in a car hits a golf cart even going 30 miles per hour, they are going to be dead.”

These concerns and enthusiasms are not unique to Lady Lake. All over the State, similar debates have been breaking out in communities like Sun City Center, The Villages, Tampa, Dunedin, Pinellas Park, New Port Richey, and many others. While some are completely in favor of a widespread transition to golf carts, others point out that these vehicles may not be safe. It goes without saying that their widespread adoption would inherently lead to a higher number of golf cart accidents. The question is whether or not this cost is acceptable for those seeking greater convenience and easier transport.

DUI Golf Cart Arrest Reported in Lady Lake 

Years have gone by since this debate in 2022, and it seems as though the widespread adoption of golf carts has continued. This has led to questionable results. On January 3rd of 2024, it was reported that a man had been arrested for allegedly committing a DUI on a golf cart in Lady Lake. Police say that the incident occurred on December 22nd, and it involved a man “waking up on the street” before stumbling toward a set of nearby golf carts. Police watched as he entered a golf cart and began zooming down the road. Police then followed and observed the golf cart driver disobey a red light at an intersection before veering back and forth across a yellow line. This incident highlights many of the concerns raised by commissioners years ago.

Find a Qualified, Experienced Golf Cart Attorney in Florida 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced golf cart attorney in Florida, look no further than Frank D. Butler, Attorney at Law. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured plaintiffs throughout Florida’s many golfing communities – including Lady Lake. We know that ensuring freedom of movement and promoting safety is often a delicate balance. Although average residents deserve the right to use vehicles of their choosing, they also need to be wary of safety issues. Reach out today to discuss options for compensation after a golf cart accident in Lady Lake.


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