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Free Golf Cart Shuttle in Lake Wales Sparks Injury Concerns


Many golfing communities in Florida are embracing golf carts as a viable mode of transport, and some are now offering these services for free. One example is Lake Wales, which recently implemented a free golf cart shuttle service for residents. But could this free service lead to serious injuries? What can you do if you were injured while taking a free golf cart shuttle service?

Lake Wales Launches Free Golf Cart Shuttle Service 

In May of 2024, Lake Wales launched a new shuttle service for residents. They named the service “The Squeeze,” and it involves eight-person golf carts  travelling across town. There are seven stops on the route, and it focuses on serving local college students first and foremost. City planners say they need this shuttle service because of serious transportation issues caused by widespread construction across the city. Many people say that they find getting around town extremely challenging because of the construction.

City planners are hailing this development as a “win-win” for both retail stores and residents, saying that it will boost both transport and the local economy. Planners also say that if the shuttle proves successful, the contract may be extended – and this new type of golf cart transport would then become a permanent fixture in the community.

What Could Go Wrong? 

Despite enthusiasm for the project, there is much that could go wrong. A golf cart is an inherently unsafe type of vehicle, and it is very vulnerable to impacts from heavier road vehicles. There are no real safety features to speak of, and we have witnessed that even a light impact from an SUV can cause catastrophic injuries to everyone inside—including one recently that involved a death.

Find an Experienced Golf Cart Accident Lawyer in Florida 

If you’ve been searching for an experienced golf cart accident lawyer in Florida, look no further than (the Law Offices of Frank D. Butler). We have helped numerous injured plaintiffs across the Sunshine State’s many golfing communities, and we understand how dangerous golf carts can be. If you were injured while riding on a golf course golf cart or even on a free golf cart shuttle, you may be eligible to recover for your medical bills, lost wages, and injuries. Reach out today and discuss the possibility of compensation – and many times without going to court.  Call us at and we can advise you about your case and how the process works.


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