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Numerous Injuries Reported After Golf Cart Crashes in Florida


Numerous golf cart crashes have been reported in Florida within just a few days.

Two Golf Cart Crashes Reported in Parkland 

On Memorial Day in 2024, two serious golf cart crashes occurred in or near Parkland. One accident reportedly involved “two young women” riding a golf cart, and the crash was bad enough to prompt a major response from local first responders. Multiple ambulances arrived at the scene to find an overturned golf cart and occupants with unspecified injuries. There was little information beyond these basic facts.

On the same day, Parkland Talk reported another golf cart accident on the same road. This accident reportedly involved “three children,” including one who suffered serious injuries when their golf cart overturned. First responders described the child as a “Level 2 trauma patient,” implying a major medical emergency. The other two children suffered minor injuries but were hospitalized as a precautionary measure. Authorities said that no other vehicles were involved in the incident.

Based on the similarity of these two reports, there is some indication that it was the same accident. After all, it seems unthinkable that two different golf carts could flip over on the same day and on the same street in Parkdale. However, the reports seem to describe different numbers of people with different ages – suggesting that these two accidents were completely unrelated. The common theme between the two crashes is the involvement of young people – potentially driving without parental supervision.

Driver Narrowly Escapes Injury After Golf Cart Hit by Train in Micco 

Days earlier, a shocking accident occurred in Micco when a golf cart was struck by a fast-moving train. Thankfully, the driver managed to jump out of his cart before the impact – and no injuries were reported. Authorities did not explain why the golf cart had stopped in the middle of the train tracks, or why the driver found himself in such a dangerous situation.

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