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More Florida Cities Expand Golf Cart Legality – But Safety Must Remain a Priority


In communities like Dunedin, Sun City Center, and many others, there is a trend toward more golf cart freedom. Seniors and average residents now enjoy more opportunities to drive their golf carts on both city roads and designated golf path paths as they live their lives. While many advocates praise the sustainability and convenience of golf carts, city planners must continue to prioritize safety as they expand access for golf cart enthusiasts.

Golf Carts Still Face Serious Threats from Intoxicated Drivers 

In December of 2023, a Villager from Dunedin was sentenced to 50 hours of community service, six months of license revocation, and one year of probation. The 51-year-old had previously pleaded no contest to a DUI charge stemming from an incident in Sumter County. She was driving a white Toyota Corolla when she drove onto a golf cart path, across several flower beds, and into a stop sign.

The officer who approached the crashed vehicle reported smelling a “strong odor of marijuana” and saw a “joint” lying on the passenger seat. The officer also reported that the defendant showed signs of recent alcohol consumption. During a field sobriety test, she allegedly fell backward, prompting the officer to cease all further field tests out of concerns for her safety. Finally, she blew into a Breathalyzer device and registered a BAC level of almost twice the legal limit. It was later determined that she was driving on a suspended license.

Should Golf Carts Share the Road with Passenger Vehicles? 

While many golf cart drivers might rejoice at the opportunity to operate their vehicles on normal city roads, they should think twice about safety issues. The above incident is just one example of how negligent drivers can seriously threaten the safety of golf carters. All it takes is one intoxicated driver at the wrong time, and anyone on the road instantly becomes vulnerable. Due to the minimal protection of their vehicles, golf cart drivers are especially vulnerable.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that even designated golf cart paths often fail to protect those in golf carts. The above incident shows that truly negligent drivers may simply crash into golf cart paths while heavily intoxicated. If there had been a golf cart on the path at that particular moment, the consequences could have been catastrophic.

In conclusion, it seems that regardless of whether golf carts take to the street or not, city planners must carefully consider how they will protect them in the future – especially as golf cart usage becomes more popular.

Find a Golf Cart Injury Attorney in Dunedin 

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