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My Child Was Injured by a Golf Cart Crash: What Happens Next?


Golf carts are popular among teens and children across Florida. Unfortunately, children experience a high crash risk when operating golf carts. If your child has been injured in a Palm Bay golf cart crash, you might be wondering about your legal options. The new legal limit to operate a golfcart is now 15 with a motor vehicle learner’s permit and with an adult in the golfcart.

Children Continue to Suffer Injuries in Florida Golf Cart Crashes 

Over the past few weeks, numerous children have suffered serious injuries due to golf cart incidents. In April of 2024, a 10-year-old crashed a golf cart while driving on the road in Palm Bay. A 12-year-old passenger was subsequently airlifted to the nearest hospital with serious injuries. Witnesses were shocked by the severity of the crash, but not necessarily by its circumstances.

One local resident says that she sees kids driving golf carts down major roads “on a regular basis.” Other witnesses point out that this is now illegal in Florida thanks to the passing of new laws. After a recent change, only 15 or 16-year-olds can operate golf carts in the Sunshine State – and only if they have valid learners’ permits. The 10-year-old who drove the cart was therefore breaking the law, but it’s not clear how he got behind the wheel. Parents sometimes allow minors to drive golf carts, but kids also regularly take golf carts without permission.

That same month, a teen suffered critical brain injuries after falling off a golf cart in Panama City Beach. The 16-year-old was celebrating spring break when she experienced what doctors describe as a “massive brain bleed.” According to one report, the cart was traveling at about 25 miles per hour at the time. Like so many other head injury victims, the teen appeared totally normal after the fall. However, the brain bleed caused increased pressure over the next few hours – leading to noticeable behavioral changes. Prompt medical treatment followed, and the teen was placed on life support.

Going to Court Is Often Unnecessary 

You might not need to go to court in order to pursue compensation on behalf of your injured child. After a golf cart accident involving another vehicle, you can negotiate a settlement instead of going through a trial. This is how most injury lawsuits end, and the vast majority of plaintiffs never have to see the inside of a courtroom. A negotiated settlement can provide your child with everything they need to recover, including full coverage of their medical expenses.

Work with a Qualified Golf Cart Accident Lawyer in Palm Bay 

If you’re serious about pursuing the best possible results for your child after a golf cart accident in Palm Bay, it makes sense to work with a legal professional. If at all possible, choose a lawyer with specific experience in golf cart injuries. The Florida golf car accident lawyers at The Law Offices of Frank D. Butler have spent years advocating for golf cart accident victims. Reach out today to speak with this law firm about your legal options.


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