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Golf Cart Injuries Attorney on Weekends

We Are Open!

In 25 years of handling golf cart injury cases, we see that many golf cart injury cases occur on the weekends and holidays. This is the same time that most attorneys are closed. We are open on weekends and holidays and ready to represent you on your golf injuries case. Yes, this includes on weekends and holidays; you can talk with an attorney about your golf cart accident case today. (Golf Cart v. Golf Cart Collisions, Golf Cart v. Automobile wrecks, Rollovers, Pedestrians, Ejections, etc.)

It is important that you contact a golf cart injuries attorney as soon as possible after the accident. Why? Because in your case vital information will be lost if not pursued immediately. This includes possible video of the incident, witnesses, markings at the scene, and investigating officer notes.

It is also very important that you not just contact a dog bite or auto accident attorney. They do not handle golf cart injury cases or crashes on a regular basis — if at all. The laws that apply to your case are not the same as those that apply to dog bite or automobile cases.

Don’t wait to get an experienced golf cart injuries attorney working for you on your case right now. Golf Cart injury cases is what we do.

We Are Ready!

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