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What Are the Top Golf Cart Safety Tips?


Golf Cart Injuries Can Be Serious or Even Deadly

Here are the top safety tips for golf cart owners and what to do if you or a loved one were hurt in a golf cart accident.

1. Don’t Overload Your Golf Cart With Passengers

Make sure you know how many passengers your golf cart is designed to carry and do not exceed that amount under any circumstances. Even if you’re only going a short distance, the risk of an accident is much higher when your cart is overloaded.

2. Drive an Appropriate Speed

Do not exceed the speed capabilities of your golf cart or the speed limit in the area you are driving. Most golf carts are not designed to drive at speeds greater than 25 mph, and pushing your cart past its limits makes it difficult to control when driving around corners and over bumps.

3. Avoid Operating Your Golf Cart in Inclement Weather

Florida is known for rain, tropical storms, and hurricanes. Never operate your golf cart when there is lightning or thunder outside and use extreme caution if you are caught in the rain. Golf cart tires are not well equipped for the loss of traction caused by wet roads.

4. Never Drink and Drive

Alcohol is a significant factor in the risk of collision when operating a golf cart. A golf cart is still a vehicle and it is against the law to drink and drive in any capacity. Don’t be afraid to designate a sober driver if you’ll be enjoying a few drinks while using your golf cart.

5. Drive Undistracted

Even though your golf cart cannot exceed speeds of 20 to 25 mph, it’s still critical to avoid distractions while driving, especially if you’re on a main road where traditional vehicles also travel. Don’t eat and drive, put on makeup, talk on your cell phone, or text while operating a golf cart.

6. Wear Safety Belts

In the event that you are unfortunately involved in a golf cart accident, having your safety belt on can significantly reduce your risk of critical injury and death. All available seats on your golf cart should have adequate safety harnesses.

7. Contact an Experienced Golf Cart Accident Lawyer

Finally, if you’ve been injured in a golf cart collision, it’s important to reach out to a personal injury attorney with experience working specifically with the victims of golf cart accidents. Call today for a consultation at 1-800-253-2531.

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