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What Happens if You Admit to Drinking After a Golf Cart Crash in The Villages?


After a golf cart crash in The Villages, your primary goal may be to recover compensation. Faced with medical bills, missed wages, and other damages, this is an understandable priority. But what happens if you were drinking prior to the accident? What happens if you admit you were drinking when police arrive at the accident scene? How will this affect your ability to pursue the compensation you need?

Villager Admits to Drinking Cosmopolitans Before Crashing Golf Cart 

People admit to drinking fairly regularly after golf cart crashes in The Villages. In April of 2024, it was reported that a Villager had admitted to drinking two cosmopolitans before getting behind the wheel of her golf cart. She subsequently made a U-turn in direct view of a Wildwood Police Department vehicle and caused a collision. It is not clear whether she crashed into the police vehicle or a third vehicle.

Although she admitted to drinking only two cosmos, subsequent alcohol tests told a different story. Her BAC level was apparently.189 suggesting intoxication of more than twice the legal limit. No injuries were reported, and the crash seems to have been fairly minor.

Can I Still Pursue Compensation Even if I Was Drinking? 

Florida’s new comparative negligence doctrine prevents you from recovering for your damages if you were more than 50% responsible for your own accident and had a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher. The presence of alcohol may imply that you were primarily to blame for the crash, and this may prevent you from recovering damages. However, even a heavily intoxicated individual is not automatically to blame for all accidents; that is up to a jury to decide.

For example, a heavily intoxicated golf cart driver might be traveling down a designated path at a low speed when an SUV veers off a road and smashes into them. Clearly, this accident would have happened regardless of whether the golf cart driver was intoxicated. An experienced lawyer can fight for compensation on your behalf even if you were drinking.

Work with a Golf Cart Accident Lawyer in The Villages 

If you were drinking prior to a golf cart accident, it makes sense to work with an experienced Florida golf cart accident lawyer. With help from one of these legal professionals, you can overcome various challenges – including alcohol-related factors. Even if you admitted to drinking prior to the accident, you may still pursue compensation. To discuss your options in more detail, book a consultation with the Law Offices of Frank D. Butler today.


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