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Golf Cart Ejections Cause Injury


Golf cart ejections are one of the least recognized golf cart injury scenarios in the public. Here is why that is the case. First, many golf carts still do not have seat belts and in many states they are not required to have seatbelts. Yes, in Florida a golf car or low speed vehicle (an “LSV”) must have seatbelts. These golf cars are vehicles which can travel at more than 20 mph. But golf carts — those capable of 20 mph or less — are not required to have seat belts.

A very high incidence of ejections occurs when the passenger is not seat-belted — and there may not even be one available — and the driver makes an unexpected significant left turn. The centrifugal force of that rotation causes the passenger to be launched outward to his/her right and ejected. The centrifugal force is greater the faster the golf cart is going and the sharper the left turn.

This scenario is made worse when the golf cart has no seatbelt. But also on many golf carts there is little for the passenger to hold to in order to prevent such an ejection. And again, these left-turn ejections often come when the passenger does not expect a sharp left turn is coming. A passenger of course may also be sitting on the back of a golf cart in a multi-seat golf cart and be ejected in a sharp turn or sudden acceleration scenario.

Kristopher Seluga at Technology Associates and Timothy Long of Accident Research and Biomechanics presented a paper where they examined data on golf cart ejection accidents. They noted that few drivers of golf carts had gone through any formal training in their safe operation. They also cited a lack of safety equipment for passengers in golf carts. They note the increase in golf cart usage and especially so in non-golf course settings like residential usage and road usage. And, they also noted that more teens are now operating golf carts. Their findings include that passenger ejections and roll-overs are the two types of golf cart accidents that cause the most severe injuries — including especially to the head.

In Florida a golf cart is assigned the description of a “dangerous instrumentality”. What this means is that while a driver may be at-fault for a golf cart accident, the owner of the golf cart also may have liability as well. We are golf cart attorneys. We have practiced in this specific unique area of law for 25 years.

If you or a family member have experienced a golf cart ejection or golf cart injury, call us today. It is important that you get started on your case as soon as possible so that evidence in your case can be preserved.


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