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Golf Cart Fires: The Hidden Threat in The Villages


When most people think about golf-cart-related threats, they picture crashes. However, golf carts are also associated with serious fire hazards. Golf cart fires are becoming increasingly common across the nation, but golfing communities like The Villages are especially at risk. With a higher rate of golf cart ownership, there is a higher chance of these vehicles sparking fires throughout Florida’s retirement and golfing communities. In some cases, golf cart fires have proven fatal. What can you do in the aftermath of a golf cart fire? Is it possible to pursue compensation?

Golf Cart Fires Are Becoming Far Too Common 

In February of 2024, the Hawaii Fire Department announced that a house fire may have been caused by a golf cart. They pointed out that at the time of the fire, the cart was charging in the garage – and situations like this are becoming far too common across the entire nation. It goes without saying that golf carts are not designed to spontaneously combust while charging. These fires endanger innocent, sleeping people while simultaneously causing serious property damage.

That same month, another golf cart caught fire in a Salt Lake City parking lot. This incident took place at a popular golf course – and the cart may have been charging before the fire broke out. Many modern golf courses now have charging stations in their parking lots for both golf carts and electric vehicles. Although these charging stations may be convenient, they also pose serious fire hazards.

Firefighters Warn Congress About Lithium-Ion Batteries 

Also in February of 2024, a number of high-ranking firefighters testified before Congress about the dangers of lithium-ion batteries. These individuals included the FDNY fire chief marshal, the US Fire Administrator, and various others. During their testimony, these individuals explained that in New York alone, lithium-ion batteries had caused almost 270 fires in 2023. These fires led to 150 injuries and 18 deaths. US Fire Administrator Dr. Moore-Merrell added:

“Fire risk from these devices occurs when an ordinarily stable electromechanical system is destabilized and the batteries become damaged, used, stored or charged incorrectly. In fires where these devices are involved, there is often only 15 seconds from the first sign of smoke to thermal runaway and explosion, with windows blown out and fire burning in homes, apartments, and businesses.”

Golf cart owners in The Villages should heed these warnings. It may be best to charge your golf cart outside to avoid potential fires within your homes. If you suffered fire-related injuries due to a defective golf cart, you may have the opportunity to pursue compensation. We handle these types of claims.

Find a Qualified Golf Cart Injury Attorney in The Villages 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Florida golf cart lawyer, look no further than the Law Offices of Frank D. Butler. With our assistance, you can strive for positive outcomes and fair compensation after a golf cart fire. If you have suffered painful and disfiguring burns, you may be eligible to pursue lucrative compensation for reconstructive surgery, emotional distress, and other related damages. Reach out today to book a consultation.


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