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Florida Golf Cart Accident Attorney / Blog / Golf Cart Accidents / Golf Cart “Flies into Pond” in Rural Florida Community, Killing Driver

Golf Cart “Flies into Pond” in Rural Florida Community, Killing Driver


Although golf carts face many hazards on Florida roads, the presence of water causes serious dangers. In this type of collision, severe injuries for anyone in the golf cart are highly likely, as they face the added danger of drowning. An accident of this nature was recently reported in a rural Florida golfing community – claiming the life of a man who was having a medical emergency at the time of the crash. Meanwhile, other golf cart crashes across Florida’s most rural communities are continuing to shock residents.

Man Suffered Medical Emergency Moments Before Crash into Pond

 On December 11th of 2023, it was reported that a Florida man had suffered a medical emergency moments before losing control of his golf cart at the Clover Leaf Forest RV Park in Brooksville. The crash allegedly sent the golf cart “sailing” across the pond, and first responders only arrived in time to fish the man’s body out of the water.

This individual was apparently driving on a designated golf cart path before the accident. Due to an unspecified medical emergency, he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a tree. After this initial impact, he was then ejected from the golf cart. It was at this point that his body ended up in the water, although the exact circumstances of this accident are slightly unclear.

The cause of his death has not been released to the public. However, it is safe to assume that after flying into the water, he was unable to swim and reach the surface. This might have been because he was unconscious after the initial impact with the tree.  For example, he might have suffered a head injury before falling into the water. He may also have lost consciousness or control of his body due to a stroke or heart attack.

This accident has serious implications. Why was the golf cart path so close to the water? Golf carts are especially popular among seniors, and it seems prudent to assume that medical emergencies may occur when seniors operate golf carts. Should there have been fencing or barriers between the path and the water? These are the kinds of questions that may be asked by a qualified golf cart accident attorney after an incident like this.

Find a Marion County Golf Cart Injury Attorney 

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