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Golf Carts are not automobiles, they do not have the same safety equipment that an automobile has. Golf carts do not have air bags, they do not have the side impact protection of automobiles, and golf carts do not have the stability of automobiles.

Golf Cart rollover injury accidents are caused by two primary factors. 1. Collisions with another golf cart, automobile, or a fixed object, or  2. Instability of the golf cart itself.


Collisions with other objects (other golf carts, cars, trucks, or fixed objects, etc.) frequently result in a rollover of the golf cart, and many times that rollover results in serious injuries to passengers. In The Villages we recently handled a death case which arose from a collision with an automobile and a rollover of the golf cart followed the collision. The damage to the automobile was not extensive, and it provides evidence that it does not take much contact and force to cause a golf cart rollover resulting in serious injuries to the passengers.


Another under-appreciated factor in golf cart rollover cases is the lack of stability of the golf cart itself. With the proliferation of golf carts in so many communities, golf cart manufacturers are offering more and more options to golf cart purchasers—including elevated golf carts which have a much higher profile than those golf carts you would see on a golf course. In addition, there are now multiple after-market shops and accessories to facilitate raising a golf cart’s profile. Raised golf carts look great but they are less stable than lower profile golf carts. You need only look on-line to see the availability of parts to do self-install “lift kits”. The problem is that the higher elevated the golf cart the more unstable it is going to be in handling turns and in handling sudden steering corrections.

If you or a family member are involved in a golf cart rollover case it is important that you pursue your injury case as quickly as possible. This is because if the golf cart sustains major damage the golf cart can be “totaled” and disposed of by an insurance company. In a rollover case it is vital to preserve the golf cart so it can be examined by our experts to document the case. Stability testing of the golf cart and other tests can be conducted to determine the exact cause of the accident.

Our law firm at secures and pays to have the at-issue golf cart stored in a safe and secure storage facility so that evidence from your golf cart accident case is preserved. This evidence is critical to your case, especially if a manufacturer defect or alteration of the golf cart was involved. We are presently handling multiple rollover cases right now which produced significant injuries.  You can trust our 25 years handling golf cart injury cases.

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