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Have you been a victim of a golfcart rollover accident?

Golfcarts, and Golfcars (known under Florida law as Low Speed Vehicles or “LSVs”) are not made to withstand collisions with automobiles. There are no airbags, and the structure of a golf cart or LSV is not adequate to withstand most golfcart-v-automobile crashes. This is known, but it is not the only danger in operating a golfcart or LSV.


Golfcart rollover accidents are becoming more prevalent now. We, the attorneys at have observed several primary reasons for the increase of golfcart rollover accidents with injuries now.

  1. The prevalence of golfcarts and LSVs is increasing rapidly. This is not a surprise. Retirement communities like The Villages, On Top Of The World, Del Webb, Sun City Center, etc. are booming with golfcart and LSV use.  Also small towns and municipalities in Florida are enacting ordinances and designating downtown and neighborhood streets as golfcart-accessible.
  2. The speed of golfcarts and especially LSVs is increasing. It is known that for LSVs if you find the right mechanic, an owner can have the engine governor tweaked so the LSV can exceed the 25 mph. Be careful as to your insurance policy on the golfcart or LSV in altering the factory equipment because it can cancel your insurance when you need it. Also, be careful of riding with LSV owners who can exceed the 25 mph. If they crash or if you are somehow hurt on that LSV, their insurance may deny coverage. (TIP: Keep uninsured motorist coverage on yourself; don’t rely on someone else to have insurance to cover you.)
  3. Higher profile golfcarts and LSVs. Maybe it was inevitable that golfcarts and LSVs would start trending toward bigger and higher situated. With the higher ride and optional knobby tires comes less stability in turns, handling, and in braking. At we are handling multiple golfcart and LSV rollover cases right now. These end with serious injuries. These cases have manufacturer and dealer implications if you have suffered injuries from a high-profile golf cart rollover case. It is important to choose an attorney who specifically handles golfcart/LSV cases and is familiar with the issues involved in your serious injury case.
  4. Lift-kits. Right now a golfcart or LSV owner can go on Ebay or Amazon or a number of golfcart websites and buy a lift-kit for their golfcart or LSV. Those lift-kits can raise a golfcart or LSV by 4, 6, 8, or even 10 inches depending upon which website one chooses. The problem is that a golfcart that has a lift-kit installed has a higher center of gravity and that is especially critical and dangerous in turning the golfcart and in making sudden wheel inputs at high speed. One other problem is that the seller of a lift-kit may have little idea as to how it will affect performance or handling of the specific golfcart or LSV you are in.
  5. Golfcart-v-Autos. In places like The Villages crashes between golfcarts and automobiles are commonplace. In all the retirement communities like The Villages, On Top Of The World, and Sun City Center the interactions between golfcarts and automobiles is increasing, and so are golfcart-v-golfcart collisions according to the data available. In our specialty practice we here at have seen that increase in golfcart crashes and many of them lead to rollovers of the golfcart and cause serious injuries.


If you or a family member has been injured in a golfcart or LSV crash call us now to help you. We are GOLFCART ATTORNEYS. It is what we do every day of the week. We know the unique laws that apply specifically to your golfcart injury case. We also specifically handle golfcart rollover cases.



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