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Florida Golf Cart Accident Attorney / Blog / Golf Cart Accidents / WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR A GOLF CART ACCIDENT ON A GOLF COURSE?



At our specialty is handling golf cart injury cases. Many of those golf cart accidents with injuries occur on neighborhood roads, multi-modal paths, trails, or in parking lots, etc., but many golf cart accidents also occur on golf courses. When a person is injured in the State of Florida on a golf cart on a golf course the first thing to consider is who owns the golf cart. Does the golf course own the golf cart or is it a golf cart owned by a personal member or visitor at the golf course.

A second question to consider is why did the incident occur. Yes, there can be operator error in handling the golf cart, but were there conditions on the golf course that contributed to the accident. Here are some considerations:

  1. Was the golf cart is owned by the golf course, and was the golf cart in good working order as to steering, braking, and stability?
  2. Was the driver qualified to operate the golf cart—regardless of whether it was a golf-course-owned cart or one owned by a private individual?
  3. Was there anything about the terrain or layout of the golf course which contributed to the accident? (i.e., a steep decline, a blind corner or a turn where 2 carts can come together in a limited line of sight, or in some instances a lack of speed controls near the club house or parking lot.)
  4. What is the policy on service on alcohol out on the golf course? (Remember in Florida a person can get a DUI driving a golf cart, and golf courses can be subject to Florida Dram Shop laws for over-serving alcohol in certain instances.

In golf cart accidents that occur on golf courses the attorneys at are looking at several potentially responsible parties. Those include the golf course, the owner of the golf cart, the driver of the golf cart, the operator of any other golf cart involved, and in some instances the manufacturer of the golf cart. This is why it is important to retain us, the attorneys at, right away after a golf course golf cart injury. We specialize in golf cart injury cases. Critical evidence must be preserved. If there was a malfunction with a golf cart it is of vital importance that the golf cart not be altered in any way before it can be officially inspected, photographed and videoed by our golf cart experts. Also, notifications to potentially responsible parties need to go out immediately after a golf cart accident. This is to make sure that anyone involved in the incident preserves all related evidence.

Another important consideration to think about is the different possible insurances involved. It is no secret that insurance companies work to keep from paying claims. It is important that your attorney know the obligations of the involved insurers in golf cart accident cases and which insurers will be responsible for your injuries and damages you sustained in the golf cart accident. We know what insurances apply and we know which at-fault parties to pursue in your golf cart injury accident case. You can have confidence in our 25 years’ experience specifically in golf cart accident cases. Contact us now. We are ready. Tampa Bay, The Villages, and All of Florida.

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