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Florida Towns Are Making Roads More Accessible to Golf Carts… What About Safety?


A recent article by Pirelli hails golf carts as the “future of short-distance trips,” pointing out that many small towns in Florida now have many of these vehicles zipping across various roads. Faced with this increasing popularity, town councils have little choice but to make their roads more accessible to golf carts. But where automobiles and golf carts intersect, there is always a higher chance of collisions. What are these towns doing to ensure the safety of golf cart riders in Florida?

Dunedin on the Path to Greater Golf Cart Access 

In October of 2023, the town of Dunedin announced that it was aiming to expand golf cart access across its various streets and roads. It suggested various improvements specifically geared toward carts, including parking, dedicated golf cart paths, and charging stations. This is clearly a response to a growing demand for more of these features. For years, golf cart enthusiasts have begged for better crossings, more signage, paths, public charging, and much more. Pinellas County is considered the “epicenter” of golf cart usage in Florida – and perhaps the entire nation. One golf cart enthusiast told reporters that these small, electric vehicles have become “woven” into the culture of Dunedin.

That being said, progress is moving forward at a slow pace. A recent workshop on the proposed improvements had to be canceled due to extreme weather, and golf carters may need to wait a long time before they experience these benefits. It’s also not clear what kind of safety precautions city planners will take as they implement these improvements. While many of these safety issues are overseen by the Golf Cart Task Force, accidents continue to occur. Even though the task force was established more than a decade ago in 2011, it did not stop an increasing number of golf cart crashes in towns like Dunedin.

Golf Cart Regulations Are Vague in Dunedin 

Dunedin only outlines a few very basic rules regarding golf carts on its official website:

  • You can only drive golf carts on roads with posted speed limits of under 30 miles per hour
  • You can only cross State or County roads at designated golf cart crossings
  • You can’t drive golf carts on the Pinellas Trail
  • You can’t drive golf carts on sidewalks, parks, or any other city property

Where Can I Find a Qualified, Experienced Golf Cart Injury Attorney in Dunedin? 

If you have been searching for a qualified Florida golf cart injury attorney, look no further than, (Frank D. Butler, Attorney at Law). For more than 25 years, we have helped numerous injured victims who have suffered harm due to golf cart accidents. We know that while many small Florida towns are becoming more accepting of golf carts on public roads, few are doing enough to ensure the safety of golf cart enthusiasts. Book your consultation today to learn more about your legal options following a golf cart crash.


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