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Injured While Crossing the Road in a Golf Cart: A Common Issue in Sun City Center


Sun City Center describes itself as America’s “premier 55+ community,” and many would argue that this moniker is well-earned. Located just east of Tampa, Sun City offers plenty of convenience to seniors in Florida who are looking for a place to settle down. The community has been meticulously planned to make life as convenient as possible for elderly residents; with medical facilities, shopping centers, and entertainment all clustered nearby. Many seniors rely on golf carts to zip back and forth between these locations. Unfortunately, the community is adjacent to nearby state roads where traffic is heavy and moving quickly– and this leads to golf cart collisions with injuries.

Golf Cart Crossing Have Proven Difficult for Sun City Center 

Sun City Center takes golf cart usage seriously, and it has taken numerous steps to streamline the use of golf carts and golf cars (a/k/a low-speed vehicle or “LSVs”) throughout its many roads and paths. That being said, golf cart crossings have proven to be particularly difficult for city planners and governing bodies.

A golf cart crossing is a designated area in which golf carts may cross roads. This is an important safety feature, especially when you consider that golf carts are not allowed to actually drive on roads with speed limits over 30 mph (and 35 mph for LSVs). Golf cart drivers only have the ability to cross these roads. Even during these brief crossings, however, the potential for collisions is high.

According to the golf cart handbook distributed to residents by Sun City Center, there are only three locations at which golf cart drivers may cross State Road 674:

  • Kings Boulevard/Valley Forge Drive
  • Trinity Lakes Drive/Sun City Center Plaza
  • Pebble Beach Boulevard

In addition, golf carts are never allowed to make right or left-hand turns onto SR 674. They may only cross the road or travel along the designated golf cart path on the side of the road. The fact that only three designated golf cart crossings exist across SR 674 suggests the need for improvements in the future.

Find a Golf Cart Accident Attorney in Sun City Center 

If you have suffered an injury while driving a golf cart, you might be wondering whether it’s possible to pursue damages. The best way to answer this important question is by consulting with an injury attorney who has experience with these specific kinds of accidents. Reach out to Florida golf car accident lawyer at the Frank D. Butler, Attorney at Law to schedule a consultation and review your legal options.


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