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The Key Differences Between Golf Cart and Car Accident Cases


When you hear about road accidents, you probably think of cars, trucks, or motorcycles. But Floridians are also well aware that golf carts are also sharing the road, especially in Florida’s retirement communities and gated neighborhoods.

While both cars and golf carts can get into accidents, the laws for each can be very different. Florida Golf Cart Attorney Frank D. Butler, PA, is well versed in these distinctions and has the experience to protect your rights and fight for maximum compensation if you or a loved one has been injured in a golf cart accident.

Driver’s License and Age

In Florida, you must be at least 16 and have a valid driver’s license to drive a car, ensuring you’ve had proper driver’s training and passed the necessary written and driving tests.

Previously, you could be as young as 14 and hop on a golf cart without any license. However, as of October 1, 2023, drivers younger than 18 are required to have at least a learner’s permit for driving a golf cart on public roadways.

Safety First, or Maybe Not

Cars come loaded with safety features like seat belts and airbags. Golf carts? Not so much. They usually lack these basic safety measures, which means an accident could result in more severe injuries.

Speed Limits and Where You Can Go

Cars are fast and designed to exceed the posted speed limits on Florida roads. Golf carts are more like the tortoises of the vehicle world, legally in Florida maxing out at around 20 to 25 mph. But don’t let the slow speed fool you; golf carts can still be risky and can cause severe injuries, especially if driven recklessly.

Insurance Requirements

If you’re in a car accident, insurance claims are pretty standard. Florida law even requires car owners to have minimum liability insurance. With golf carts, insurance is often optional, making the legal aftermath of an accident a bit of a maze.

What Could Go Wrong?

Car accidents can vary from minor fender benders to tragic multi-car crashes. Golf cart accidents, on the other hand, often involve unique scenarios like rollovers or collisions with pedestrians. And because of the lack of safety features, injuries can be surprisingly severe.

Why Specialized Legal Help Matters

Car accident law is a well-trodden path, with many personal injury attorneys handling auto accident cases. Golf cart accidents are a different situation altogether, requiring specialized legal experience and knowledge. That’s where professionals like (Frank D. Butler, PA,) come in, helping you navigate the complexities of golf cart accident law.

Need Help? Contact

Golf carts might be a convenient way to get around your community, but they come with their own set of legal headaches if things go south. If you find yourself in a golf cart accident, it’s crucial to consult an attorney who knows the ins and outs of this unique area of law.

Visit and connect with the Law Offices of Frank D. Butler. We’ve successfully represented victims of golf cart accidents, understanding the emotional and financial toll they can take. Whether you’re dealing with life-changing injuries or facing the devastating loss of a loved one, we’re committed to helping you secure the compensation you deserve. Take the first step toward peace of mind—schedule your consultation with our specialized golf cart attorneys today.


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