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Golf Carts, Which Are Partly Enclosed, Are Often Perceived as Being Safer Than They Are


That is not us at, your Villages golf cart attorneys talking, that is Jana Lynott, a senior policy transportation advisor for AARP. In a recent article she noted that golf carts are partially enclosed and perceived as safer than they really are when used on roads with vehicular traffic. The truth is that golf carts are not designed with the safety features of cars, trucks and SUVs. There are no air bags and typically no seat belts available of golf carts, and the carts are not made to withstand the impacts that an automobile could endure.

Need to Know Information From a Golf Cart Injury Attorney

The perception may be that because golf carts travel at lower speeds than automobiles that they are safer. Government statistics show that golf cart crashes are into the thousands each year. Part of the problem is not just about the golf cart operator, it is a matter of the automobiles which share the same roadways as the more vulnerable golf carts. This is why we at take these matters so seriously; unfortunately, golf cart crashes often involve serious injuries where the golf cart passenger is almost wholly unprotected.

In The Villages it is estimated there are 65,000 golf carts in use. The Villages—we at–don’t have to tell you is no more the sleepy little burg it was just a few years ago. Depending upon whose numbers you use and what time of year The Villages is estimated to have more than 120,000 residents. Clearly golf cart use is a part of the culture at The Villages. Golf carts are used for transportation for every need where it is practical to use the cart instead of the car. Lynott says that people who use golf carts on the roads are as vulnerable as bicyclists and pedestrians. If we think about that for a second, bicyclists and pedestrians are virtually unprotected in crashes with automobiles. It is why we are your Golf Cart Injury Attorneys for The Villages. The laws which apply to golf carts are different than those that apply to automobiles or slip and falls. This is also why you should choose a Golf Cart Injury Attorney for The Villages.

Golf Carts & Children

In 2016, The Villages had more than its share of emergency medical services incidents involving golf carts according to the fire chief, Edmund Cain: 94 emergency medical service incidents and 70 which involved injuries. He noted what we have been saying at law firm for years: that many injuries occur from under-age drivers being given the wheel of the golf cart. We note two points on this: a driver must be at least 14 years of age to legally operate a golf cart in the state of Florida. The second point is that the owner of a golf cart can be held responsible for the negligence of that golf cart operator. So, when the parents allow the 13 year-old to operate their golf cart in The Villages and the golf cart crashes and injures the neighbor’s kid, the owners of the golf cart can be held responsible for their driver’s mistakes.

Choose a Golf Cart Injury Attorney for your Villages golf cart injury case. There is a difference in the law so it is important to choose a Golf Cart Injury Attorney for you and your family.

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